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  • I specialise in lifestyle photography. Life is messy and grand, beautiful and challenging, and every one of those moments is precious. This is what I look for and what I photograph. This is what I want you to remember, when you look at your photographs years from now - how your heart was so big it felt like it would explode.

When I think of this family, I think of loyalty.

I first met Angela and Geoffrey when I was just starting as a photographer (11 years now!). They have stuck with me through all my learning and my growth, and been a constant source of support. It is good to know people that long. To know where they came from and see where they are going. We are blessed with this friendship.

I was confused by the shirts. I was sure we were cheering for someone in blue (Broncos!) but this is college ball – so Iowa. (got it!)

And these boys. Such a gorgeous combination of their mom and dad.RebeccaLippiattPhotography_0127.jpgRebeccaLippiattPhotography_0133.jpgRebeccaLippiattPhotography_0134.jpg

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.RebeccaLippiattPhotography_0131.jpg

I love, love, love these pictures. Now that my own boys are a couple years out of this stage, I look at with fondness (instead of expasperation like I did back then). Its experimenting, I think.


And the Amazing Angela –

  • Ruth Schroeder - October 13, 2017 - 12:31 am

    Wonderful pictures!

I think its the age – I call it the “crazy pants smile” – we’ve had to do some coaching on how not to do this. But, I kind of love it, because, its 5, right?

We managed to get lots of photos of D without that smile.

Isn’t this one gorgous – and for all the parents out there, you know what is coming next. Parenting – a wild mix of the wildest beauty and love, and …. I don’t even know what we call the other stuff. But, its important.


The sibling love is strong in this family.

T’s love for Foxy is strong too. Every year she wants a portrai with him. I love this so much. You can tell Foxy is her happy place.
And her dad makes her feel pretty safe too.

A family after my own heart – within walking distance of their school, which just happens to have a lovely outdoor learning ground.

Every year we get a Halloween costume photo. A wolf and Finn (Star Wars!)


And the awesome people who started it all!

They met in a bar.

Do you remember New City Lounge? Upstairs in what used to be the theatre?

That night, they did not go home together, but later they did, and this is their love story.

(I am a little obsessed with out-of-focus images lately. I always was, but now that I have been a photographer for 11 years, I figure I can get away with it and call it style.)


Michelle said Kelly is the first person who she knows has her back. Always. In every situation. And listening to Kelly talk about Michelle, you know it.

This fall has been a challenge for weather. I love, love, love when people are willing to come and play in the rain. Because this magic happens.RebeccaLippiattPhotography_0078.jpg