Edmonton family photos – winter pictures

Photographing in the snow is the best – its a giant reflector that shows you at your best. I’m always happy when someone wants to photograph in the snow.

We headed downtown to Edmonton City Hall. (did you know there is skating and dancing there every Sunday for several weeks this winter? – super fun!)

Melanie and her son were so much fun and so easy to photograph. When you are an animated, gregarious person, getting a decent photo of yourself is not always the easiest, but these two were awesome at listening to my crazy advice.


Now that I am on the second half of life, I have decided to stop hating winter – and that includes in the photography department too. Working on the gratitude part – the light is amazing in winter. We’re really lucky in Edmonton!

Photographing in downtown Edmonton is great. The back side of the Art Gallery has a beautiful grey wall and there are colourful walls just north of City Hall.

Melanie is working on building her business as a financial investment advisor. One of the things I love about her business, is that with many other financial planners, you have to have a minimum investment. With Melanie, she will work with what you have. You can find more info about her here: www.claytonfinancial.com. Give me a shout if you want me to connect you with her.

Thank you Melanie. It was a pleasure taking your pictures!

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